Why Us?

Why TangoServers?

Here at TangoServers, instead of telling you what we can do better than our competition, we show you what we bring to the table that they simply cannot. TangoServers is coordinated by the Ownership of TangoWorldWide, a gaming community established Jan 2, 2014. Within a year from launch, TangoWorldWide reached major accomplishments:

  • Complete Self Sufficiency
  • 1,000+ Official Applicants
  • 500+ Official Members
  • 30+ Servers World-Wide
  • 50,000+ Players Connected
  • Multiple High-Ranked Servers
So what do we bring to the table that the competition cannot?

TangoServers is coordinated by a team of high-skilled individuals that have thousands of hours of experience managing and coordinating communities and services of their own! By coordinating both TangoWorldWide and TangoServers, we know exactly what you need to succeed -- and through hours of vigorous training with our staff, they do too! TangoServers provides a unique environment and an experienced community to be your back-bone, and help you grow.


TJ - Owner

Welcome to TangoServers!
Feel free to add me on steam with any inquiries or questions!


Steve - Co-Owner

Hello...I provide gameserver management/configuration, as well as plugin development.


Alex - Co-Owner

My goal is keeping all clients happy by answering support tickets as fast as I can.


Adam - Co-Owner

I will be available to work with all clients to assist in server/plugin configuration.

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