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What's a community or a server without a back-end of communication? Having a voice server of your own is a prime solution to meeting and personalizing with your end-users that enjoy your game servers, website, business, or entire community! One misconception we've found is that it's believed Mumble, Ventrilo, & Teamspeak are only designed for game-orientated ventures... This is not only untrue, but an absurd suggestion! You can use a voice server to personalize and meet potential clients, interact with customers on designs / videos / concepts, utilize a server to plan and execute a project with a group of friends, and much more! Each server is controlled on our TCAdmin Panel (GSP). TangoServers offers an array of robust solutions that will get you, your friends, your clients, and your network indulged in chatter!
NOTICE: We apologize, but we currently do not support TeamSpeak 3 or Ventrilo! Support for these applications are expected by early 2016!



Starting at:  $0.22 / slot
    Ventrilo is a popular voice communication choice with it's range of voice codecs, simple interface, and low impact on computer hardware! It is a superior choice for voice communications, especially business orientated.

    TangoServers does not currently support Ventrilo, but will be adding it to our inventory soon!

*Coming soon to TangoServers!



Starting at:  $0.16 / slot
    Mumble is a high quality, low latency lightweight VoIP application, optimal for communications. It's open-source license makes it possible to cut the cost to host each server.

    Our mumble servers come with instant setup*, bandwidth controls, 24/7 monitoring, low latency, and a multitude of changeable settings through the TCAdmin-GSP.
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*On Completion of First Payment

TeamSpeak 3


Starting at:  $0.24 / slot
    TeamSpeak is a powerful piece of software designed with gamers in mind. It's highly customizable feature list, ranking system, and continuous development is a favorite choice by gamers world-wide.

    TangoServers does not currently support TeamSpeak 3, but will be adding it to our inventory soon!

*Coming soon to TangoServers!

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