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TangoServers utilizes the latest hardware with optimized kernels to provide stable, lag-free services. Each node is automatically limited to a maximum of 75% CPU-usage, to prevent overloading and the overpopulation of nodes, allowing TangoServers to keep each server at its highest possible performance. Each game-server is configured through our customized TCAdmin: Game Server Panel (GSP), which includes an array of features that allows server-owners to install custom mods and modes for their servers, add custom maps, models, and sounds, Start / Restart / Stop / Update your server(s), and create sub-accounts to allow your staff or trusted end-users to have access to your GSP. These are some, of the many features that are included with your game-server purchase. After completing the payment on your server, you will automatically receive your TCAdmin login, and any further information for your service.
Choose Your Game Servers
    Icon   Game Type   Price
     Counter Strike: Global Offensive (64Tick) Starting from $0.72/slot Order Now!
     Counter Strike: Global Offensive (128Tick) Starting from $1.62/slot Order Now!
     Counter Strike: Source Starting from $0.50/slot Order Now!
     Day of Defeat: Source Starting from $0.85/slot Order Now!
     Garry's Mod Starting from $0.85/slot Order Now!
     Half Life 2: DeathMatch Starting from $0.85/slot Order Now!
     Insurgency (StandAlone) Starting from $0.85/slot Order Now!
     Killing Floor Starting from $0.85/slot Order Now!
     Left 4 Dead Starting from $1.12/slot Order Now!
     Left 4 Dead 2 Starting from $1.35/slot Order Now!
     Team Fortress 2 Starting from $0.81/slot Order Now!
Each game server purchased is configured onto our customized TCAdmin GSP (Game Server Panel). This panel includes an array of features including: start, stop, restart, update functions, one-click installs of typical mods, plugins, and features associated with games (ex. sourcemod + metamod for source-based games), user-access control for trusted end users to be able to access your server control panel, without giving them complete access, and many more features!
Our game servers are on some of the industries best hardware (and software)! Under the case of each server is an Intel Xeon processor, DDR3 ECC memory, and enterprise grade hard-drives with failure prevention, allowing your server to stay online even if one drive fails.
Currently TangoServers uses Debian 8, a distro of Linux, for all game-related services. This allows us to optimize each kernel for maximum performance of each game type. In the future we will be expanding to Windows-based servers as well, allowing us to expand our pool of supported servers.
Our explanation: Fast Download, or FastDL for short is a feature which allows your added content that doesn't come default with the game (maps, materials, models, sounds) to be pulled from an external server instead of your server files. FastDL is a collection of content which is compressed with the .bz2 file-format and uploaded to another server while respecting file directories (ex. cstrike/maps, cstrike/materials, etc). FastDL allows much shorter joining times!
Included with every TangoServers game server is a FastDL-Sync feature which will allow you to press a single button and have all of your files 'synchronize' to a FastDL Server! This is an automated system, once you click the button, FastDL-Sync will search your service for custom-content to compress and upload to your FastDL link located on your GSP! If you do not have a game server with TangoServers but still need a FastDL server, you can find more information on our webhosting page!
In short, YES! TangoServers plans to continue with vigorous expansion to other game server types! Our current future plans of expansion consist of Minecraft, Rust, and Killing Floor 2 once we have Windows-based servers. From there, we will expand where we are most requested to in our forums!

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