What Features matter most to TangoServers?          
        Features that provide a variety of benefits such as stability, security, power, and reliablity.

DDoS Protected Locations

In best efforts to protect our clients, we utilize both DDoS Protected Nodes & IPs. This allows us to use the best networks to help keep our clients online in the event of an attack, while still assuring low-latency between their users and their servers.

Managed Services

We separate ourselves from our competition by being able to provide managed servers and packages through having experienced staff. Each staff member has had experience managing communities of their own, or being in high-responsibility positions. We offer partially and fully managed services so all you need to worry about is populating your server/services with users while we handle the back-end of configuration and maintenance.

Competitive Pricing

We're not here to drain your wallets. With competitive pricing, our prices compare to our competition while still having the edge when it comes to performance. We even constantly pursue presenting new packages, deals, and discounts whenever we see possible.

Powerful Services

Here at TangoServers, we don't over-load our servers like most of our competition. To ensure the highest performance possible, once a server reaches about ~75% usage we'll stop adding services to this server. This allows clients to still increase their service without having to move it to an empty box, lets us to create a new server-box, and keeps our performance at its best by using the fastest RAM and best performing processors to date.

Defect Detection

TangoServers has defect detection systems in place on all systems which ping the service every 30 seconds. This allows us to be the first to know when a server goes down or our hardware fails, allowing us minimal response time to get our systems back online.

Always Expanding

Our company is always looking to expand our reach by opening services at new locations. To achieve these expansions, we are always looking for location requests and feedback via tickets to know where to make our services available next. If you want a location that we are unable to provide, we will either make the best attempt possible to resell from that location, or to help find you a quality competitor to host from in the meantime.

Our Chicago Location is DDoS Protected, with the size it can withstand growing constantly. As we expand to new locations, one of our determining factors to expand to that location is if the network can handle attacks, or what options will be available.
There are two ways we can handle this problem if it arises. We can either offer to move your services for a one time cost, or if the location is important to you and your users DDoS Protected IP Address are available for purchase. This will require you to open a ticket with our support
If you are in a secured-location, you have nothing to worry about as automatic mitigation should be able to manage the attack while keeping your service online. If you are in an insecure location and attacks become frequent we will ask you to either consider moving your service to a protected location, purchase a DDoS Protected IP, or be forced to terminate your service if other clients are being affected by these attacks.
Behind each server is an Intel Xeon E5 processor, DDR3 ECC memory, and enterprise grade hard-drives for maximum performance; all backed by a global 3TBit/s network. To add to the performance, we've made our own custom kernels for each server to allow optimal performance.
There are 4 ways currently how you can contact our staff. These include Live Chat, Support Tickets, our Forum, or joining mumble. TangoServer's utilizes TangoWorldWide's Mumble Server, with a TangoServers Support channel found in the Help Desk, with a list of current staff members. Each option is available to all clients.
TangoServers has decided to use Debian 8, a distro of Linux, for all game-related servers at this time. This allows us to optimize each kernel for each server to work best with it's hardware configuration. To add, each web-hosting plan is off CentOS due to the incompatibility of cPanel with Debian.

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