Acceptable Use Policy


Acceptable Use Policy

Effective On: 6/1/2015
Last Updated: 5/20/2015

I. Definitions

A. This Acceptable Use Policy will commonly be referred to the AUP or "AUP" throughout these terms. We may also refer to this Acceptable Use Policy as Accepted Terms and/or of Policies of Use or Terms of Use.

B. TangoServers LLC are the content owners, publishers, and operators of Within this 'AUP' TangoServers will be referred to commonly in first-person pronouns such as but not limited to 'us, we, ours, our, ourselves, etc'. We also may refer to ourselves as the 'COMPANY, LLC, NETWORK, ORGANZIATION, etc' or as the 'SITE, WEBSITE, etc'.

C. In these 'AUP' TangoServers will refer to our customers and clients as 'you, the user, the client, etc' and your services as 'yours, services, servers, plans, etc'. Throughout these 'Terms of Service' when referring to our clients we will use clear-cut second-person pronouns.

D. If a definition or definitions are unclear or unclassified the majority of these 'AUP' will refer to the parties of our company and you as the user visiting, purchasing, or receiving services from For further clarification, you are welcome to open a support ticket.

II. General Information

A. You as the client are expected to uphold and meet the requirements set forward in this AUP. By using TangoServers for various services, features, products, etc, you agree that you and your end users will comply with this AUP.

B. TangoServers holds the right to edit this AUP at any given time without prior notice. Always ensure to check the 'Last Updated' date at the top of this page to ensure the last update to the AUP. Effective Dates will be updated accordingly for when a new AUP is put in place.

C. You as the client are expected to familiarize yourself with the Acceptable Use Policies found below, as the user or users who use our services. If you fail to comply with our Policies of Use, your services may be terminated and all access suspended to your accounts held by TangoServers. In Addition, TangoServers reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend, terminate, or revoke service privileges at any time with legitimate reasoning or cause due to infractions of our AUP or TOS.

D. Each client is to ensure that the AUP is upheld by their end user(s), holding responsibility for their actions while connected, in use, or in contact with our network.

III. Acceptable Use Policies

A. This AUP is designed to protect TangoServesLLC from unlawful or unjustified use of our network, services, or resources. As a client, you (and your end users) agree by using any of our services, you will not:

1. Have any services on our network which contain Child Pornography. Child Pornography is PROHIBITED on any service by TangoServersLLC. If you are found hosting, containing, or storing child pornography you will be immediately suspended from our network and reported to law enforcement.

2. Defame, harass, threaten, abuse, or otherwise violate the legal rights of other individuals. (Including but not limited to right of privacy.)

3. Abuse your server or services in any way that will result in unnecessary and harmful resource consumption. You, the client, are not allowed to overload our servers or overuse our resources in clear intention to cause damage or downtime for network, especially to other users and/or clients.

4. Condone or conduct racketeering, black-hat activities, DDoS/DoS services, carding, dumping, phishing, hitmen services, piracy, hacking, cracking, warez, or the use of exploitive software on, to, or from our network.

5. Use your service or services to condone or conduct unlawful lotteries, gambling services, contents, junk mail, spam, or unsolicited messages / content.

6. Upload, publish, or otherwise make available files and or content which may contain copyrighted materials, the invasion of intellectual property rights, or violation of trademark rights. (In compliance with our ToS, we respect and and uphold the DMCA.)

7. Violate any laws, policies, or regulations in either the client's area, the United States Code of Conduct, or any laws in the area where your service is being hosted out of. We especially hold clients accountable for US Laws, and will report and/or pursue prosecution of major violations.

8. Upload files which contain viruses, worms, trojan horses, or other forms of unlisted warez.

9. Initiate a charge-back or payment reversal on one of your services.

10. Attack another client or customer of TangoServersLLC. Attacking another client, or customer, will result in immediately suspension of your service. This includes attacking TangoServersLLC's network itself for any reason thereof.

11. Violate or disregard your own services Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or other policies put in place by you, the client, or your staff; if exists.

B. You, the client, are fully responsible for your account and services. If your account has been hijacked, hacked, or stolen, you are still responsible for the activities that go on within your account. You will be responsible for all damage or actions caused by unauthorized access.

C. You, the client, are responsible for payments on your services. We understand when situations arise, and you forget to make a payment. Continuous overdue payments will result in service suspension.

D. You agree and note that TangoServers will keep your account suspended for 7 days after a failed payment, then delete all services, leaving the account active.

E. Shell access is denied on all GameServers, Web-hosting, Reseller, and FastDL Servers.

F. TangoServers, it's company, it's staff will never be liable for any damages, actions, violations of the law, and/or errors by the client.

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