Future Changes...

 Thursday, December 3, 2015

After a very busy Fall for most of our staff, due to personal issues, we've concluded that we have not been working to our potential to continue to push updates to our clients here.

Are all services stable?
Yes, all services we offer are stable, but there are still, months after launch, parts of our website which have gone unfinished, there are various sections that need woork, and new locations to be worked on.

Are we finished?
No! As far as we are concerned, we are going to be considering these first 6 months simply beta. 

So what comes now?
We are planning a "Relaunch" on 1/1/2016 with the site out of all it's beta stages, each page filled, and a brand new location in Chicago, IL to replace Canada (with another location planned too)!

Stay tuned TangoServers.

New content is inbound!

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