About TangoServers

TangoServers is a Limited Liability Company that operates through data centers world-wide. With careful examination, TangoServers only chooses the most renowned and sufficent locations to ensure the services we provide to our clientele is high quality, safe, secure, and exceptionally reliable.

Founded in 2015, TangoServers provides a multitude of robust solutions such as our high-performance gameservers, low-latency voice communications, dependable web hosting plans, and customizable managed services.

We strive to challenge our clients through our Slogan, "What can you create?" with intentions to push innovation and creation, while sitting in the background prepared to help. We are proud to be able to select the finest staff from an extremely talented applicant pool that expands each day. Through prudent selection, we optimize our staff to be extremely helpful and supportive to our clients, ensuring never to use pre-written responses or templates, always ensuring a unique response for each individual customer. We'll never expect you to spend hours searching through our Knowledge Base, Forums or 3rd party locations for answers, as your host we feel it is our job to assist our clients to the best of our abilities. TangoServers is coordinated by the Ownership of TangoWorldWide, an optimal group of entrepreneurs that thrive for innovation.

An idea was thought of when we began to look at TangoServers LLC on the drawing board, the idea of community-based hosting. TangoServers provides a support-forum where clients can interact and assist each other where they deem fit. To involve our community even more, we've gone the extra step to make an Official Blog to announce our most recent creations, updates, ideas, and innovations we implement into the TangoServers Network looking for feedback from our client-base.

Need more convincing before you begin your adventure with TangoServers? Contact Us or head over to our Why Us? page to learn why TangoServers is the right choice for you.

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