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 Monday, June 1, 2015

So as you may see around our website, various links will be sent to a 'Coming Soon' page. We are in contact with a few pre-sales clients still recieving recommendations and suggestions for the features we plan to implement.

At this time we will announce we are releasing:
  • Managed Services
  • Special Packages (Bundles)
  • An Official Blog

Managed Services:
Managed servers will feature pre-configuration, semi-managed, and fully-managed packages. For managed services, you will have to create a quote-request with what you require for your server. Our staff will contact you with an official quote off the requests you provide. Each of the 3 styles of managed services will differ with pre-configuration being a one time service, semi-managed have us available for plugin installs, and fully-managed for full plugin installs, and configurations.

Special Packages:
Special Packages will include multiple regular packages for a discounted price. We have plans for a Teams package, that will feature any team that purchases a server, will be featured on our future-coming teams page.

Official Blog:
The slider on the main portion of our website is designed for linking off directly to our blog, each new announcement will be linked to the main page.

These are our plans so far, we look forward to feedback in our forums to further develop sections of TangoServers.

Thank you for choosing TangoServers!

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