Discontinuation of Services

 Thursday, February 1, 2018


As of 02/08/2018, TangoServers will be discontinuing all services on our network for the forseeable future.

A little backstory, TangoServers is ran by just one person, and with random times that clients influx, having to fix multiple issues, back-log's of tickets, and future updates we wished to plan, we cannot proceed this way. Previously, we discontined our game/voice hosting services. Now, we are going to be disabling web hosting for the time being.

In the future, we should be back, with a newly designed website, and as a full-on web-hosting solution. There are no plans to re-enable gameserver hosting in the future.

If you have a current service, you have 7-days to take a proper backup. We will be shutting our doors on 2/8/2018. If you have an active service you paid recently, please just open a ticket. We would be happy to pro-rate a refund, or issue credit for the upcoming project.

Thanks for choosing us.

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